Welcome on Planet Logistics Togo
Planet Logistics Togo (PLT) was created and registered in Togo under the codes of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In an industry dominated by some local companies, our cleverness and dynamism make us to expand our services on an international scale to create more impact on the world market.

Planet Logistics Togo was created to be a model, a pacesetter and a pioneer in delivery of quality services and a beacon of excellence throughout the continent and across the globe. Our presence in Togo and in other African countries follows our desire to be closer to you, bringing our services to your doorsteps.

Planet Logistics Togo (PLT) is a company built on professionalism and we have a strong reputation for service, reliability and integrity, in every aspect of freight movement & logistics, it offers elasticity and variety in freight services. We are well located here in Togo to serve you in all logistical needs in West Africa.

PLT provides full comprehensive export, import and cross booking air freight, sea freight, land freight and logistics services worldwide through active partners for profitable and economic rates, and while using several kinds of transportation.


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